Continuing Education Center

Ada Kent University organizes a variety of certificate training programs in accordance with European standards and lifelong learning mentoring, except for undergraduate and postgraduate education programs. SEM, combined with training and theoretical and practical training, enables participants to acquire the knowledge and skills required.


To give quality trainings which constitute high values ​​for individuals, institutions and society by determining the ever changing needs of human quality in the sector and integrating the conditions of the society we live within the times.

The individual can realize himself; to be able to have a qualified profession, to fulfill all the requirements of the profession, to keep up with the pace faster, to encourage people to be more successful in human relations, and to make the individual a way of life.
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Our center is open to constant change, following the age requirement, before the social responsibility of Northern Cyprus and Turkey then all of Europe that aims to be useful to the human being reliable and reputable training center.

Doç. Dr. Oytun SÖZÜDOĞRU
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