Foreign Language and Preparatory School

English Preparatory School

University of City Island (UCI) English Preparatory School was established to prepare students for associate, bachelor’s or master’s programs in English. All students who pass the English Proficiency Exam held in September begin university freshman courses, and students whose English level is below the proficiency level attend the English Preparatory School and receive the necessary language training for their undergraduate departments. To achieve this goal, a two-semester intensive program focuses on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students are placed into four groups according to their English level and receive 25 lessons per week during one academic year. In order to be a first-year student, at the end of the year, the English Proficiency Exam is also required. The English-Preparatory Program provides students with individual study opportunities, computer and audiovisual facilities.

Goals and Objectives

● To enable our students to use all their language skills effectively and to improve their knowledge of English grammar.

● To enable our students to contribute to all the studies in the departments without any difficulty by improving their language skills and knowledge.

● Providing language education in accordance with international standards, improving the quality of education and reducing the number of students in language classes to ensure the most effective education.

● To provide all the materials, facilities and guidance our students need in the language learning process.

● In addition to basic language education for the development of language skills of our students, the students who are enrolled to the intermediate language level will be offered initial courses related to their undergraduate programs.

English Preparatory School Strengths

● Provides sufficient material for academics and students.

● Management between teachers and students; a triple bond based on respect and sincerity.

● Team spirit is at the highest level and so; all studies are carried out effectively and successfully.

● Language skills are taught specifically in accordance with the needs of the lessons and each is taught separately by the teachers.

● Additional services are offered to academics and students outside of class hours.

● The progress of each student during the school is carefully monitored.

● The learning environment is comfortable, friendly and warm.

● Duration: One year in the preparatory school. The weekly course hours determined by the Committee are 25 and cannot be less. 80% of the courses are required to attend the final exam. Any student who does not have a valid excuse will be deemed unsuccessful if he / she does not fulfill the attendance requirement.