frequently asked questions

Can I register online?

Online registration and online payment process is possible through our website. You can register online by clicking on TC Candidate page via site. You can complete the registration process by adding the required documents. In addition, our call center will also serve you 24 hours for registration.

Can you provide information about scholarships and special discounts?

For information about scholarships and special discounts, please visit our Scholarships section.

How do I pay a registration fee?

Registration fee payments are in advance and can be made by specifying the Student Name, Surname and Department to the Iban accounts of İş Bank -Magusa Branch TR06 0006 4000 0016 8200 4897 51. There is also the option to pay online through our website. (There are 5 instalments with a maturity of 2% per month on Isbank credit cards.)

In which conditions are scholarships cut?

Scholarships are discontinued as a result of student committing any disciplinary offense and not participating in school projects.

Is life expensive in the TRNC?

Student candidates for the TRNC and the city of Famagusta where our university ‘in life, does not differ a lot from other university cities in Turkey. It is necessary to distinguish between the guests coming as tourists and the prospective students. with living expenses required for a student studying in universities in Turkey Famagusta big cities’ it was found to be close to each other on a student’s living expenses.

What kind of place is Famagusta? We’ve never heard of it before.

Famagusta is located in the North East of the TRNC. It is known for its magnificent golden beaches. Famagusta, where the Mediterranean climate is experienced, is hot in summers and winters are mild and rainy. There are 28,000 students in the region. It is a point where foreign tourist comes intensively. Famagusta is a city known for its education and tourism. Population of the city: It varies between 60- 65.000 people. In summer, this number reaches up to 100 thousand.

Is your diploma equivalent to YÖK?

Our diplomas are approved by YÖK and YÖDAK.

Is it easy to reach the island? Is transportation expensive?

Transportation to the island is usually done by air. Today, plying from Turkey to Ercan airport Airline companies are located. Flights from the east take place in approximately 10 major cities. The expedition offers a wider transportation opportunity. Fees vary according to season, booking time and whether the person is a student. However, as it is known, many airlines make transportation much easier and cheaper with promotions. Sea transportation from some cities is also provided.

Can you give us information about your dormitory facilities?

University of City Island offers dormitory facilities at affordable prices and conditions according to the needs of its students. With 3 different dormitory options, students are provided with all kinds of facilities to make them feel the warmth of the home environment. You can also get detailed information by clicking on the dormitory facilities link on our website. Dormitory Fees are 11,000 TL per year and 5.500 TL is collected for a period.

Are there any foreign students in your university?

University of City Island has student profiles from more than 25 different countries, which gives the university an international identity. The synthesis of students from different countries and faculty members from different countries adds richness to your vision.

Can I work while I study?

According to the TRNC Labor Law, students are allowed to work 20 hours a week as part-time part-time students. Students will first register for the university and receive a student certificate. The student is then required to obtain a part-time work visa as well as a student visa. Part time visa will be made with the help of the employer. An agreement will be signed between the employer and the Work Permit Office in favor of the student.

Is there a possibility to work at the university?

In return for this scholarship, which we also call a study scholarship, a certain number of students are assigned to the relevant units of the university in a way that does not interrupt their courses.

What is the threshold required to make a choice?

Since it is the first year of student recruitment from OSYM, we do not have a certain base score. For faculties, any candidate who passes the LYS threshold can make a choice. Any student who exceeds the YGS threshold can choose our department for our associate degree departments.

How can I reach the university when I come to TRNC?

Following the registration week, our orientation and welcome team welcomes you with our special services from Ercan airport and Kyrenia port. Please fill out the transfer form on the candidate web page for the welcome.

Is there an obligation to continue?

As required by YÖK and university rules, 70% attendance is required in all departments. Attending classes with our student-oriented education also increases academic success.

Can we transfer to Turkey if we register?

If the admission requirements are fulfilled, you have the right to transfer to the universities listed in the OSYM guide. In case of transfer, students with a scholarship cannot reimburse the fees for the previous semester without a scholarship.

Is English preparatory education compulsory?

There is no English preparatory training for our Turkish departments.

If we need health care in TRNC, is there health insurance?

University of City Island. Health insurance is provided to every student who is registered with. You can benefit from free standing and boarding in the state hospitals of TRNC.

Is English preparatory education compulsory?

There is no English preparatory training for our Turkish departments.

What is the duration of education for faculty and vocational school programs?

Our Faculty of Dentistry has 5 years of education, our other faculties have 4 years of education and our vocational school programs have 2 years of education.

How are additional preferences made?

After LYS registrations, OSYM publishes additional preference guide for the vacancies remaining in the available quota. Prospective students make their choices again according to their scores. While making additional preferences, it is necessary to make a choice or equivalent on the ÖSYS placement score in undergraduate programs.

Can I get information about your special student registration requirements?

Candidates who cannot take the exam or do not pass the dam points for any reason can register to our Preparatory School with the status of “Special Student”. If you settle in our university by OSYM at the end of one year, you can continue your faculty education.

Is the university campus environment safe?

University of City Island. It is very important to provide students with a safe campus life. In the campus area, our students are provided with a peaceful and safe life within the City Island Campus with security guards who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the activities for students?

University of City Island attaches importance to the personal, cultural and social development of students as well as academic development. Especially when you graduate with Continuing Education Center studies, you will be able to strengthen your resume with a lot of certified training. At the same time, you have the opportunity to freely do whatever you want with our indoor sports halls on campus.

Do you have student club activities?

Many student clubs, which are established and managed by students, enable them to evaluate their extracurricular activities in social, cultural and sportive areas in line with their own wishes and needs.

Do I need a passport?

Students can enter the TRNC by entering the identity card, provided that the student certificate.

Is the campus far away from the city center?

Within the city center, shopping center, cafe, RES., SUPER MARKET Etc. There are areas to meet your every need.