Sports Fields

Sports Activities

Our aim; to encourage and guide our students and academic and administrative staff to do sports, to organize and announce activities in and out of the university, to organize sports activities by cooperating with public and private organizations.

Our University provides the participation of our teams to the sporting activities organized by the University Sports Federation of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus / Private and Public Institutions. It is aimed to build sports facilities, to make our students consciously do sports with expert coaches and to turn sports into a discipline in all their lives.

Sports Fields

Some of the university teams are:

Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Archery, Fencing, Judo, Taek-Wan-Doe,  Ping-Pong and Badminton.

Sports Space
Outdoor Sports Spaces

A tennis court, a soccer pitch an athletics track, a basketball court, a volleyball court, an archery field.

Indoor Sports Spaces

A basketball court, a futsal court, a volleyball court, a badminton court, a squash court, and a gymnastics and fitness center.

Sport Teams

University team selections occur every October. In addition, some departments set up tournaments in spring to recognize the talented and motivated students.