Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs

It is a unit where the records of all our students are kept, documents are kept, arranged and prepared in order to carry out the student transactions of our university centrally.

The Registrar’s Office, which is one of the administrative units of our university, is the department where the students will be in contact until the moment of graduation.

The Student Affairs Unit plays an active role from the application process to the completion of the registration process by providing information about the current programs to the guests coming to our university. The Department also carries out various activities such as Student Certificate, Transcript, Military Deferment and Student Information Update.

Students complete the necessary documents during the registration period and registration is created. In case of any change in the information, students may apply to the student affairs in case of need of information or documents.

The original documents (diplomas, etc.) submitted during registration belong to this unit and in cases such as deleting and dismissing the original documents, the original documents are returned from the student affairs.

The unit prepares diplomas for graduates and checks the conditions of graduation.

During the education period; Keeping the course records, the problems that occur in the entry of notes in the system are resolved by our unit.

Job Description

Students’ registration, education certificate, identity, deferment, transcript, record freezing, dismissal, transfer, exemption, scholarship, temporary graduation, diploma and so on. to carry out the business and transactions related to, to prepare the relevant documents.

To do the necessary work related to the students’ admission,

To make announcements from the institutions and / or organizations with the students,

To create and distribute the list for the printing of the student ID cards,

To prepare the student certificate and transcript documents for daily student transactions,

To postpone the military service of the students in TRNC and TC to carry out the procedures,

To ensure the implementation of decisions about education and training, registration, dismissal, dismissal, dismissal / de-registration,

To perform the adaptation process, the implementation of the Academic Calendar,

Horizontal and Vertical Transition related work and procedures,

Foreign students and jobs related to the Summer School,

Summer School business and operations.


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Head of Department

Yrd.Doç.Dr.Mehtap Köse Ulukök

Expert Reyhan Kalkan